MICROWAVE DISCHARGES: Fundamentals and Applications

11 - 15 September 2006, Zvenigorod, Russia

   11 September
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   15 September
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VI International Workshop "Microwave Discharges: Fundamentals and Applications" (MD-6) was held on September 11-16, 2006 in Rest House of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Zvenigorod, Moscow region, Russia. The Workshop was organized by the International Science and Technology Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Foundation for basic researches, the United physical society of the Russian Federation, and scientific councils of the Russian academy of sciences on physics on low temperature plasma, plasma physics and chemical physics.

The Programme of the Workshop and booklet of Abstract were published before the Workshop and presented on this Web-page. The book of proceedings will be published before the end of 2006.

MD-6 gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the following bodies:

  • The International Science and Technology Center
  • The Russian Academy of Sciences
  • The Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Governing bodies of the Workshop.

International Scientific Committee

J. Asmussen (USA)
E. Benova (Bulgaria)
C. M. Ferreira (Portugal)
A. Gamero (Spain)
M. Kando (Japan)
Yu. Lebedev (Russia)
J. Marec (France)
M. Moisan (Canada)
J. Musil (Czech Republic)
A. Ohl (Germany)
A. Rousseau (France)

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Yu.A. Lebedev
V.A. Ivanov (vice-chairman)
Yu.F. Kolesnichenko
I.A. Kossyi
E.V. Ryabeva
A.L. Vikharev
V.A. Shakhatov (scientific secretary)
S.N. Satunin (Web-page)
A.Yu. Kanatieva (Secretary)
T.E. Krivinosova (Secretary)
O.S. Zakharova (Reception of foreign participants)

The Workshop activity was presented in the Sections:

  1. Theory, modelling, diagnostics (16 presentations)
  2. Generators of microwave plasmas (13 presentations)
  3. Application of microwave plasmas (15 presentations)
  4. Poster section (21 presentations)
  5. Special section on ISTC activity and projects supported and submitted to ISTC.

The Programme contained of 12 plenary (35 min) lectures, 32 topical (25 min) papers and 21 posters. There were no parallel sections. The leading scientists in microwave plasma science were the Chairpersons of the sessions: Prof. J.Asmussen, Prof. T. Grotjohn (USA), Prof. M. Moisan (Canada), Prof. M. Kando (Japan), Prof. E.Benova (Bulgaria), Dr. C. Boisse-Laporte (France), Prof. A. Gamero (Spain), Dr. F. Dias (Portugal), Prof. A. Vikharev, Prof. I. Kossyi (Russia). Approximately 100 scientists from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Canada, Columbia, France, Japan, Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, Portugal, Russia, USA, Ukraine took part in the Workshop.

The business meeting of the International Scientific Committee (ISC) on "Microwave Discharges: Fundamentals and Applications" was held in Zvenigorod (Russia) on September 13, 2006. The results are:

  1. Membership in ISC.
    1. New members of ISC were elected: Prof. M. Nagatsu (Japan), Prof. E. Jerby (Israel), Dr. F. Dias (Portugal)
    2. Prof. C. Ferreira, Prof. J.Marec and Prof J. Musil were removed from ISC.
    3. Members of the International Scientific Committee for the period of 2006-2009 are:
      • J. Asmussen (USA)
      • F. Dias (Portugal)
      • E. Benova (Bulgaria)
      • E. Jerby (Israel)
      • A. Gamero (Spain)
      • M. Kando (Japan)
      • Yu. Lebedev (Russia)
      • M. Moisan (Canada)
      • M. Nagatsu (Japan)
      • A. Ohl (Germany)
      • A. Rousseau (France)
  2. New category the "Honorary member of ISC" was introduced for persons who made the invaluable contribution to the success of the Workshop. Prof. C. Ferreira and Prof. J.Marec were elected as the "Honorary members of ISC".
  3. Prof. M. Kando was elected as the Chairman of the International Scientific Committee for the period of 2006-2009.

  4. The VII-th International Workshop on Microwave Discharges: Fundamentals and Applications will take place in 2009 in Japan.